Residency: Oak Spring Garden Foundation (Winter 2022)

Jan 4, 2022- Jan 31, 2022

This time, I went back to Oak Spring for the Winter Alumni Residency. During the 4-week stay, I started a new research direction of floral motifs and mold making utilizing the astonishing collection of botanical books, ranging from 14 century to current publications in Oak Spring Library. The first and most successful flowers I developed were anemones. The wide-open landscape and ever-changing dawn and dusk were also imbued into my work.

Research: botanical expression

Almost 1/3 of my work hours were occupied by these fascinating books in Oak Spring Library. And I couldn’t be more grateful for being able to touch one after another precious treasures.

Create: new molds

After going through various mold making methods over the past two years, 3D printing is still the most ideal way to achieve the delicacy of the my designs. All designs were built in Rhino 7, printed by Xometry

find: local colors

Since my last stay residency in Oak Spring (Fall 2021), I started using only natural dyes collected by myself, or shared from a natural dyer. And by doing so, I started being more aware of and appreciative of everything I see.

This time, I found some leftover black walnut, which were fallen from the trees during the fall, some yellow onion skins saved from our weekly vegetable share, and some lichen dye soaked by illustrator Kandy Phillips.

Present: Open Studio

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