Soft Mosaic

Nov, 2018- Dec, 2018

In exploration of the functionalities, aesthetics and efficiencies of the use plant based “bio-plastic”, this project utilized yarn waste from textile studio for coloring the translucent corn starch.

Wall Tiles

Pattern: Inspired by Persian tiles
Materials: Corn starch, cotton yarn waste
Techniques: Laser cut, embroidery, tiling
Scale: 8ocmx150cm / 31inx59in


Yarn waste (cotton, wool, rayon) collected in MFA Textiles studio at Parsons from the process of practicing knitting machine. The denim on the right is the off-cut of laser cut experiment.
After cooking the yarns with corn starch, the color released beautifully by the help of heat and water. The introduction of yarns enriched not only the color but also contributed to different textures based on the type of yarn used.
Lotus pieces cut in different colors for further “mix and match”.