What is the efficient way of material utilization?

Door drape

Pattern: Inspired by rubber band, modular system
Materials: Agar, food waste
Techniques: Casting, linking, braiding
Scale: 90cmx130cm / 35inx51in


Orange Peel/ Avocado Pits/ Red Rice/ Pineapple Leaf/ Grapefruit Peel

This work utilized food wastes (including orange peels, avocado pits, wash water of red rice, leaves, etc.) found in household kitchen as dyes for agar based plastic with the hope of making the best use of existing materials, and the stunning range of color demonstrated the potential of food waste.

Colorful filaments made from agar and food waste.
The documentation for each recipe.
The display for OPEN STUDIO event. People came to touch, smell, and play.
From getting to know the main material “agar” to finishing the piece took one semester. The final piece take one whole month to finish, including the yarn making and putting whole thing together.